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Kevin Springer » disquiet0023-palindrone

Disquiet Junto recaps

Here are some of my most recent entries for the Disquiet Junto.  Well, some not so recent given how infrequently I’ve updated.  So let’s begin…

First off is “RVSR” for week 23 assignment “Palindrone”.  Using the given samples create to a drone that has the structure of a palindrome (the same written backwards as forwards).  I took the easy way out by simply reversing the actual first half and then stitching them together in the center. The original samples lie here

Next up is “It Hz” which was created for week 27 project “Texting”.  The process for this one was quite interesting.  The idea was to take a text file of the instructions and then open the file in audio program.  That outcome was to be the source material.  Quite a few participants had the idea to use a text to audio program which didn’t occur to me.  I opened the .txt file of the instructions in audacity at varying sample rates including 1 Hz which gave a deep wobbly bass tone.  From those sources I created percussion and other tonal sounds.

“Living-breating” was the result of a pretty straightforward remix in week 34s “Radius Joint”.  The source audio for this project comes from the Radius broadcast series at: http://theradius.us/ I am particularly happy with outcome of this clip for whatever reason.

“.recovered” from week 36 “Still Life” was an attempt to recreate the look of Cifford Still’s paintings with sound by remixing J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, II. Andante.  Because my project crashed halfway through and I lost part of the work I had done… the recovered version (hence the title) took a denser, darker, more difficult turn.  Not sure if I was entirely successful.

And lastly and most recently from week 46’s “Silent Ballot” project was the piece “Side-track” in which audio from a polling place on election day was to be examined and remixed in order to make comment on the process of voting in America.  I used a combination of layers and gating to create the effect of loud noises breaking through a lower layer. There is some vague idea floating around in that creation…and I don’t think it is completely negative.


….whew…that was a lot.  Hope you all enjoy.  Till later.