Hinge Arts Residency

Performance by Kevin Springer

Fergus Falls, MN September 2015

A live recording of a performance at the former Fergus Falls State Hospital, also known as the Kirkbride, in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The performance took place on Sept. 19th, 2015 in a reverberant room of the Kirkbride, and was the culmination of an artist residency, Hinge Arts hosted by Springboard for the Arts. High quality download available here (281.1 MB).

Special thanks to Springboard for the Arts and the Otter Tail Historical Society for their help in creating the piece. Also thanks to the many interviewees in Fergus Falls who guided me on my path but whose voices were not included in the piece.

Audio sources: Oral history recordings from Otter Tail County Historical Society, field recordings from grounds of the Kirkbride building, microphone feedback from the reverberant day room.

Equipment: Sound system: 3 speakers, 1 large diaphragm condenser microphone, mixing board, and graphic equalizer. Playback through laptop, audio interface, and custom Max patch.

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